About DragonFest 2016

Here you can find out what DragonFest 2016 is all about!

With DF65 fleets around the world growing in size on a weekly basis we decided that here in the UK we should set the standard for future International competitions and hold the first formal “International Gathering” for the class and it’s skippers.

As with the class rules and formation of the NCA we are trailblazing a route which can be copied by other Nations to continue the development and growth of this great entry level radio sailing class.

The choice of venue wasn’t a difficult one, West Lancs YC offers some of the best facilities in the UK for both dinghy sailing and radio sailing, it is also home to the prestigious “Southport 24 hour race” where lots of crazy dinghy skippers sail around the lake for 24 hours whilst other, more sensible people, watch and enjoy a drink or three.

With plenty of on site parking, showers and a great bar as well as a raft of local accommodation and eating options all within walking distance it seemed like the venue had all our boxes ticked.

Host club website – West Lancashire Yacht Club



For those of you visiting but not sailing Southport is based around 1 hour from the vibrant City of Liverpool where you can go and explore lots of history, including the Beatles experience, take a ferry across the Mersey, take a look around the docklands area and much more besides.

So whether you are a seasoned racer or you are contemplating your first big regatta there is no better place to start than DragonFest 2016. You’ll be assured of a warm welcome, some great racing, lots of friendly support and some awesome social events!

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